Child-serving organizations are committed to providing safe and nurturing environments. However, because they work with children, they are vulnerable to attracting employees/volunteers who want to access and sexually abuse children or who may have inappropriate boundaries and relationships with children. As such, organizations must become more vigilant in establishing guidelines and protocols to protect children in their care.

Commit to Kids teaches you how to proactively develop and implement policies and procedures to improve the personal safety of children. It provides clear information and steps for your employees/volunteers to achieve this goal.

Commit to Kids will help organizations reduce the likelihood that an offender will successfully gain access to and sexually abuse a child. It will also help organizations to more quickly identify, terminate, and intervene if abuse has occurred. A plan that addresses these types of issues is good for everyone. Employees/volunteers will benefit from having clearly defined behavioural expectations when interacting with children. This sends a clear message to all — the protection of children comes first.

Commit to Kids is important because sex offenders may intentionally target child-serving organizations. Offenders are seeking access to children and opportunities to be alone with them.
Child sexual abuse can often go undetected, even by responsible adults.